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Keys to Code is a unique service offered for your security and it will undoubtedly save you money if you ever lose your keys!  Simply take scans or photographs of all your keys and keep them in a safe place or upload to our server.  If you lose a key, send the scans to us and we will send you a replacement key!  Essentially, you can 'backup' your key ring, saving you hundreds should you lose your keys!   

VIN to Key Service:  Send us your Vehicle Identification Number, we send you a pair of keys!

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Keys made by VIN!

Code to Key Service:  Got a key code, we will make your keys!  From cars to desk locks!

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In locksmithing, keycodes are special codes used by locksmiths that are universal and in essence gives the locksmith directions on how to make a new key from the code.  In fact, key codes are looked up in books or software databases.  The entry found in these books or software will give the locksmith the bittings.  Bittings are almost always read from the bow of the key to the tip of the key.  The bitting will be a series of numbers indicating the key cut depth.  Generally, a 1 is the shallowest cut and higher number are increasingly deeper cuts.  For instance, the HON filing cabinet locks have a series from 301E-450E.  5 spaces and 5 depths.  That means, 5 cuts, with 5 possible depths per cut.  HON key code 333E has the cuts (or bitting) of 3 1 2 4 1 .  These are listed bow to tip.  The blade of the key would look like this:

Keys Cut to Code





              3      1      2      4      1

So now that we realize we can look at a key, and with years of experience and some good software, make a key from a profile photograph or scan of the key we can make a REPLACEMENT KEY from the photo or scan!  This is the service we offer.  Your scan or photograph your key, when needed, we make a key from your photo and send it to you!  Take photos or scans of ALL your keys and put them in a safe place.  If you lose your car key, SEND US the picture and we will send you a new key!  $AVE hundreds compared to hiring a locksmith!


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